Radio Multe shows, series and broadcasts:

Ongoing series:

Byen Vår/ Our City by Anna Watson & Karen Werner with guests

Plant Oriented by Pauliina Pöllänen and Kjetil Egeland

Melodies of the Motherland by Sepideh Garakani &
Siavash Kheirkhah with guests

Signals & Connections by Karen Werner with guests

Other Collaborations and Participants:

Musical Chairs by Hanan Benammar with guests
Alwynne Pritchard
Sabine Popp
Fabian Lanzmaier
Marshall Trammell
Hordaland Kunstsenter's exhibition We Meet at Dusk
Kjersti Sundland & Sidsel Christensen
Her og Der
Gåologi with Alwynne Pritchard and Eva Pfizenmaier
LAKRI FM with Øystein Ask

Thanks to support from:

Bergen Kommune
Bergen Senter for Elektronisk Kunst
Bergen Art Academy (KMD)
Wave Farm for live streaming
Katrine Meisfjord
Bergen Kringkaster
Øystein Ask
Marianne Hallseth for logo design